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Features of back-seated butterfly valve without pin

2022-09-15 13:30

The back-seated butterfly valve without pin not only has simple structure, small size, light weight, low material consumption, small installation size, but also small driving torque, easy and fast operation, and also has good flow rate function and closed seal at the same time It is one of the fastest-growing valve varieties in the past ten years. Let's take you to know what features it has.

good price and quality back-seated butterfly valve without pin company
1. The back-seated butterfly valve without pin is the most ideal opening and closing mechanism in the pipeline. It adopts the form of clip connection, with simple structure, compactness, small size and light weight, and can be installed in any position.
2. The overall valve stem structure, the valve plate and the valve seat are sealed in spherical contact, which greatly reduces the torque. High-precision valve plate, polished and tightly fitted with valve seat
It is tight and has good sealing performance, and there is no leakage at the connection between the valve stem and the valve plate.
3. The manufacturer of back-seated butterfly valve without pin tells you that the flow resistance coefficient is small, the flow capacity is large, and the adjustment performance is good.
4. Axial thrust bearing or lubricated bronze to prevent valve stem from overloading.
5. The rubber valve seat is molded on the valve body for integral vulcanization, which prevents the valve seat from shifting under pressure, and also reduces the shrinkage rate of the rubber, improving the performance of the valve.
The precision of the sealing surface of the valve seat is improved, and the sealing performance and operating torque of the product are ensured.
6. The upper flange adopts international standards and is suitable for various control devices such as handle, turbine, electric and pneumatic.
7. The valve plate adopts pinless connection and the bottom is driven, so that the center position of the butterfly plate is more accurate, and there will be no leakage.
The characteristics of back-seated butterfly valve without pin are introduced here, I hope it will be helpful to you.


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