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Precautions for installation of Dual plate wafer Non-return check valve

2022-08-25 14:28

Dual plate wafer Non-return check valve is a universal one-way fluid valve, which is light in weight, small in weight, easy to install between flanges, inside the valve is two semicircular springs, fixed on the valve body with pins, the springs The deformation makes the valve disc close, and the fluid pressure makes the opening spring deform quickly, which can protect the pipeline from water hammer damage:

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Installation Precautions:
1. When placing the pipeline, it should be noted that the passing direction of the Dual plate wafer Non-return check valve is consistent with the direction of the fluid.
2. Install in a vertically placed pipeline. For a horizontally installed pipeline, place the Dual plate wafer Non-return check valve vertically.
3. Use a telescopic pipe between the check valve and the butterfly valve, do not connect it with other pipes.
4. Avoid adding pipe joints and obstructions within the operating radius of the valve plate.
5. Do not install a reducer in front of or behind the check valve.
6. When installing the check valve near the elbow, pay attention to leaving enough space.
7. Install the Dual plate wafer Non-return check valve at the outlet of the water pump, and at least six times the diameter of the valve will flow out to ensure that the disc is finally affected by the fluid.


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