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What is a back-seated butterfly valve

2022-07-28 17:27

The back-seated butterfly valve manufacturer tells you that the butterfly valve, also known as the flap valve, is a kind of regulating valve with a simple structure. The butterfly valve that can be used for on-off control of the medium in the low-pressure pipeline means that the closing part (valve or butterfly plate) is a disc, surrounding A valve in which the shaft rotates to open and close. The back-seated butterfly valve mainly refers to the back seat valve.

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The back-seated butterfly valve valve body and valve plate are all made of steel plate. The valve plate is a back seat type. It is a butterfly valve with light weight and simple structure. It is used to control the flow and pressure of the medium in the low-pressure pipeline. Butterfly valve is widely used in dusty cold air or hot air gas pipelines in chemical, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, glass lamp industries, ventilation, and environmental protection projects.
In addition, the back-seated butterfly valve is a very good high-temperature valve. The gap between the back seat baffle and the valve body cavity can solve the problem of jamming between the valve plate and the valve body cavity at high temperature, and can achieve high cut-off performance. , If the medium temperature is higher than 400 ℃, if the normal internal bearing structure is used, it is easy to cause the sticking of the valve stem or the increase of resistance due to the temperature resistance of the bearing material, the lubrication problem and the influence of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage.


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