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200 PSI OSY FLANGE GATE manufacturers take you to understand the construction precautions of flanged ball valves

2022-06-02 11:32

200 PSI OSY FLANGE GATE The manufacturer tells you that the flanged ball valve includes a valve body, a valve stem, a ball body and a sealing ring. The ball body is connected with the valve stem, and the valve stem is connected with a pneumatic drive device. Next, the 200 PSI OSY FLANGE GATE manufacturer will introduce the precautions for flange ball valve construction?

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The precautions for the construction of flanged ball valves are as follows:
1. Before installation, it is necessary to carry out a hydraulic test on the ball valve to find problems and deal with them as soon as possible.
2. Strengthen the supervision of the maintenance of the high platform ball valve before leaving the factory.
3. Change the concept, carry out maintenance management, formulate periodic maintenance plans and strictly implement them.
4. Strengthen professional training and improve the quality of professional maintenance personnel. 200 PSI OSY FLANGE GATE manufacturers tell you that you need to maintain a scientific, standardized and efficient ball valve.
5. Strengthen the maintenance, maintenance and supervision of the installation process before the on-site installation of the ball valve.
200 PSI OSY FLANGE GATE The manufacturer tells you that the closing part of the flange ball valve is a sphere, and the sphere rotates around the center line of the valve body to open and close a valve. When all of us operate and use flanged ball valves, we all need to follow the above construction precautions.


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