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Grooved check valve parallel line features

2022-03-10 14:19

Grooved check valve parallel line features: The parallel line feature refers to the ratio of the relative total flow and relative opening of the regulating valve as a parameter.

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Under the same opening degree change value of Grooved check valve, the change value of the total flow rate is relatively large, and the adjustment effect is strong, which is very easy to cause overshoot and cause shock; when the total flow rate is large, the change value of the total flow rate is relatively large. Less sex, lack of buffering dexterity.
The key to the selection of Grooved check valve materials refers to two levels: one is the selection of the material of the oil circuit board and the valve cover, and the other is the selection of the material of the valve inner parts (valve seat, valve core, high pressure gate valve).
The oil circuit board and valve cover of the Grooved check valve are equivalent to a high-pressure container, so it is stipulated that it must be able to bear the temperature, working pressure and corrosion of the material, and the internal components of the valve mainly play the role of a throttle valve, and its foundation must be practical and anti-corrosion. , Washing resistance, it is the foothold of regulating valve material selection.
When selecting and adjusting the materials for the Grooved check valve, two major criteria must be mastered: one is to ensure reliability, that is, according to the characteristics of the processing technology, materials such as heat resistance, cold resistance, high pressure resistance, cavitation resistance and corrosion resistance must be selected; The second is to consider its characteristics, period of use and rationality under the premise of considering the application of regulations.
Adjusting the Grooved check valve is a key adjustment and electric actuator in industrial automation production and manufacturing. It is generally used to adjust the main parameters such as working pressure, temperature and total flow in the production process.
The basic principle of the Grooved check valve is to accept the size and orientation of the manipulation data signal from the controller, and change the opening of the piston valve according to the electric actuator to adjust the total flow of fluid mechanics, and then adjust the flow rate during processing. The main parameters are controlled within the scope specified by the processing technology, and then the automation technology of the processing process is completed.


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