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How about Welded ball valve manufacturer's products

2022-02-16 14:18

The development of Welded ball valve products is inseparable from technological innovation. Nowadays, they are more and more popular and are used in many industries. Moreover, there are many manufacturers who manufacture their products. The prices are also different due to reasons such as technology. When choosing valve products, you can't choose manufacturers at will, you should compare them to choose the products that suit you.

good price and quality Welded ball valve company
The advantages of buried Welded ball valve:
1. Sealing emergency grease injection rescue: Welded ball valve manufacturers tell you that the valve seat seal fails unexpectedly due to foreign objects in the medium or fire. The grease injection valve provides a quick connection with the grease injection gun, and the imported pump can easily and quickly inject the sealing grease to the seat sealing part to relieve leakage.
2. Reliable stem seal and low operating torque: in addition to the standard sealing ferrule, an O-ring is also set on the packing gland, and the double seal ensures the reliability of the Welded ball valve stem seal; the additional graphite packing and sealing grease injection to minimize stem leakage after fire. Stem plain bearings and thrust bearings provide easy valve operation.
3. Full diameter or reduced diameter: full diameter or reduced diameter structure can be selected as required. The flow aperture of the full-bore valve is consistent with the inner diameter of the pipeline, which is convenient for pipeline cleaning.
4. Welded ball valve stem can be lengthened: according to the needs of installation or operation, the valve stem can be lengthened. The extension rod ball valve is especially suitable for the occasions where the pipelines need to be buried underground, such as city gas. The size of the extended valve stem is determined according to customer needs.
5. Flexible operation: Welded ball valve manufacturers tell you to use valve seat and valve stem bearings with small friction coefficient and good self-lubrication, which greatly reduces the operating torque of the valve. Therefore, the buried ball valve can operate the valve flexibly and freely for a long time even if no sealing grease is provided.


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