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Welded ball valve installation instructions

2022-02-09 14:16

Welded ball valve installation instructions? The localization of the Welded ball valve is the need for the independence of China's major machinery and equipment. The installation of the product needs to be installed in accordance with the instructions, so as to ensure the normal operation of the product in the future. Welded ball valve manufacturers tell you that there are many models of products today, and with the continuous innovation of technology, the updated products are more and more satisfying people's needs, especially the company's products, the performance is constantly improving.

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Welded ball valve manufacturers tell you that in order to become a world power, my country must make unremitting efforts in the domestic autonomy of major machinery and equipment. Similarly, the localization of large-diameter Welded ball valve equipment, which occupies an important position in national key projects such as oil transportation, pipeline pipelines, and natural gas transportation, must also be domestically independent.
At present, the large-diameter Welded ball valve, which occupies an important position in many national key projects in China, mostly uses imported products; Welded ball valve manufacturers tell you that imported products are not only expensive, long maintenance time, difficult after-sales service, but also always control Chinese valves. One of the main factors in the development of the industry.


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