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Indicator Post fire protection product installation method

2022-01-12 15:08

Indicator Post fire protection is resistant to collision, has good elasticity, and has a rich product series. The isolation between urban intersections, sidewalks, and buildings serves as a warning to the driving motor vehicle, and once it hits it, it will not cause a second injury. The indicator post fire protection manufacturer tells you that the red-white and red-yellow colors are eye-catching during the day, and the lattice set at night can reflect dazzling light to remind the driver to pay attention.

good price and quality Indicator Post fire protection company
Installation method of Indicator Post fire protection product:
1. Use a tape measure to measure the placement position and then straighten it.
2. The indicator post fire protection manufacturer tells you to connect the power supply, first use an electric drill to align the screw hole and make a light mark, then remove the warning post to align the mark and punch.
3. Re-align the warning post, align the screws and drive them in with a hammer, and finally tighten them with a nut sleeve.
Indicator Post fire protection is used for the isolation between roads, buildings and parking spaces, so that the driving motor vehicles play a warning role. Brings convenience to daily life.


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