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Features of Indicator Post fire protection

2022-01-06 15:05

The Indicator Post fire protection is resistant to collisions and has good elasticity. The Indicator Post fire protection is used to isolate roads, buildings and parking spaces, so that the driving motor vehicles play a warning role.

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Features of Indicator Post fire protection:
1. It is made of new technology and has good flexibility.
2. After being able to withstand the violent impact of external force and rolling, it will quickly return to its original state.
3. The wall thickness of the column is 3mm, which is strong and durable.
4. Indicator Post fire protection has good reflective performance and clearly outlines the road.
5. The reflector can be a reflective sheet or a reflective film. The reflective sheet is tightly fixed on the cylinder with rivets, and the reflective film is tightly adhered to the cylinder.
6. Work normally in rain and snow.
7. Indicator Post fire protection is easy to install and requires little maintenance.
8. It is equipped with a lifting loop for easy carrying, and it is convenient to connect the isolation belt, isolation chain and isolation rod at the same time.
The above is the introduction of the characteristics of the Indicator Post fire protection product.


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