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What are the characteristics of Grooved check valve

2021-11-10 14:15

The Grooved check valve adopts a top-mounted structure, which reduces the connecting bolts of the valve body under the conditions of high pressure and large diameter, enhances the reliability of the valve and can overcome the influence of the weight of the system on the normal operation of the valve.

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Grooved check valve has the advantages of fast, easy, safe, and reliable installation, and is not restricted by the installation site. It is convenient for the maintenance of pipelines and valves. Difference, to solve the advantages of thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature difference.
Grooved check valve is widely used in coal chemical, petrochemical, rubber, paper, pharmaceutical and other pipelines as media splitting, confluence or flow switching devices. Grooved check valve is also widely used in the water supply and drainage of fluid pipelines, as the control fluid for fire control, air conditioning, gas, petroleum, chemical, water treatment, municipal, shipbuilding and other pipeline projects.


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