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Selection of Single sphere Flanged rubber expansion joint products

2021-10-27 14:14

Single sphere Flanged rubber expansion joint products are generally composed of smooth wave compensation elements with rubber flanges at both ends and metal flanges. Metal flanges often adopt loose sleeve structure. The surface of the wave compensation element is rubber, and the inner layer is an interlayer reinforced by several layers of strong fibers or steel belts (wires). The reinforced interlayer such as reinforced fiber or steel belt (wire) extends to the rubber flanges at both ends, and there is a hard steel wire skeleton in the flange. The Single sphere Flanged rubber expansion joint product has a large displacement compensation capability, which can compensate for axial, lateral and angular displacement, and has the ability to reduce noise, reduce vibration and certain anti-corrosion. It has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, good vibration absorption and noise reduction, and convenient installation. It can be widely used in water supply and drainage, HVAC, fire protection, compressors, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, ships, water pumps, fans and other pipelines. system.

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Description of optional rubber joints:
1. The normal applicable temperature of Single sphere Flanged rubber expansion joint is -200~70℃. The instantaneous temperature can reach 115℃, and the use temperature is 70~115℃.
2. For flanged rubber expansion joints, the manufacturer of Single sphere Flanged rubber expansion joint tells you that when the working pressure and working temperature are higher (diameter 200 or more, temperature 70℃ or more, working pressure 1.5Mpa or more), limited position can be selected. The flange rubber joint of the device.
3. For the rubber joint of flange connection, when installing, the bolts connecting the flange should be stringed from the inner side of the flange to the two ends of the flange, and washers or spring washers should be provided. The bolts should be tightened diagonally. The manufacturer of the Single sphere Flanged rubber expansion joint tells you that the rubber joints connected by the flexible joint should not be replaced at the left and right ends during installation to avoid leakage or damage to the product.


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